It’s Almost Time–For the Seventh Time!

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Get your bread-baking mojo revved up. It’s almost time for the seventh The Enabling Cook’s Bake Bread Weekend! Mark your calendars. This year, it’s February 10-11. So if you want to start a sourdough, you have time to get the starter going and happy.

What? You’ve never heard of this momentous weekend? Well, where have  you been for six years?

I’m kidding. Kind of. You’re forgiving. “So what’s it all about?” you might ask.

I’m happy to tell you. It’s all about bread. But any kind of bread. Like sourdough? Go for it. Are you more comfortable with yeast bread? Fine. Want to experiment with a new flavor combo, flour, or technique? Now’s the perfect opportunity. Is your mind wandering more toward oh, say a pumpkin or banana bread? That’s just fine, too. And it doesn’t have to be a loaf or boule. Sometimes buns or rolls are called for.

As for rules, well, there’s really only one. Don’t use commercially frozen bread dough. When I was a kid, homemade bread meant there was a bag of loaves of Dakota frozen bread dough in the freezer. But we’re beyond that.

Can you use a mixer or bread machine? Of course. Can you use a mix? Well . . . I’d rather you not. But if it will get you to make bread, then by all means. The important thing is to make bread or some bread product.

And don’t worry about it not being perfect. One of the loaves I made for an earlier International Bake Bread Weekend resembled a brick more than something one would put in his or her mouth. At least willingly.

So start planning. And feel free to ask questions and tell us what you’ll be making.


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