Savory Soup Sunday: Bean and Spinach Soup

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Beans are a favorite around here. I love adding them to soups and stews as well as making them the featured ingredient. And well, if you make bean soup as often as I do, you just sometimes want something a bit different. While I’ve made and posted recipes that mixed beans and greens before, this one is a bit different.

I use a white bean for this soup, but you could certainly use any other bean. Whatever you like or have on hand works. I used cannellini beans (white kidney beans).

A note about soaking. As a general practice, I do not soak my beans prior to cooking. If you do, be sure to plan ahead for soaking time.

While this can be vegan or vegetarian, I decided to add some turkey smoked sausage and chicken stock I had on hand. Celery and carrots were there, of course, as well as onion powder (you could use fresh), garlic powder, and salt and pepper to taste. To add something different, I added a dash of chili powder a friend made from some of her homegrown peppers. You don’t need a lot, but it adds another flavor profile.

When the soup is almost done, add some spinach. I used frozen spinach because it’s what I had. Fresh works fine too. And if you don’t have or like spinach, use another green. Kale is another favorite. I’ve loved spinach since childhood. We never had fresh or even frozen; we always had Popeye’s canned spinach. And I loved it. Especially with some apple cider vinegar mixed in. So, why not? I added some apple cider vinegar in this bean soup. YUM.

Bean and Spinach Soup

Lunch was the soup with a slice of homemade sourdough bread. I do believe it’s one I’ll have often.

You can find my soup recipe here. Enjoy.

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