It’s Time for a Challenge

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A pantry challenge that is.

Oh, I know, you’re wondering, Huh? Understandable. But bear with me.

If you follow me here, on Facebook, or YouTube, you know I dehydrate, can, and freeze. I mill most of my own grains for bread and bake my own sourdough bread. (Next year, I hope to even be able to say I grow part of it.) You’ll also know that I’ve been participating in the Whip It Up Wednesday: Slow Cooker Meals YouTube challenge. Now, the same women who brought us that challenge is bringing us the January Pantry Challenge.

So what’s a pantry challenge? We eat from our pantries. For example, I have a deep freeze and refrigerator freezer, a refrigerator, and cabinets containing things to eat. Plus, I have dehydrated and canning pantries. If you keep well-stocked pantries, it might be easier for you to do than for someone who doesn’t. But if you need to supplement your in-house grocery stores with a trip to one with a cash register, that’s fine. Some of us will be buying fresh vegetables and dairy products, for example. Though we’ll still be spending money, it won’t be as much. And for many of us, that will be a big relief.

If you have a YouTube channel, post what you’re doing there. I’ll be posting about how I’m doing with the challenge here and on my YouTube channel. You are also welcome to post on our Facebook page. (Why yes, we are everywhere.)

To learn more about the ideas behind the January Pantry Challenge, take a look at Leisa Sutton’s YouTube channel, Sutton’s Daze.

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