Savory Soup Sunday: Shrimp and Veggie Chowder

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I’ve been trying to clean out the freezer and deep freeze. The other day I found a package of raw shrimp in the freezer. I’d bought it for something, though I don’t exactly remember what. I did cook some in the air fryer, but the rest went back to the freezer. I’d been wanting to make a seafood chowder, so this was the perfect opportunity.

Ordinarily, I would have likely used frozen or fresh corn. But I had neither. I did, however, have home-canned corn in my pantry. So in they went. Along with stock; I used chicken, but seafood stock would certainly work. Of course, onions were a given. And since I love them, I added broccoli and carrots. Fresh or canned carrots would work fine, but I used dehydrated carrots. And since it’s me, there was no question that I’d add red pepper flakes. I decided chopped pimientos would be a nice finishing touch.

As for herbs and spices, it’s whatever you like, want, and have. For me, I added garlic powder, freshly ground pepper, and freshly ground nutmeg. Of course, you can add salt, but I tend not to. As for the nutmeg,, it’s a common ingredient for cream soups, but go easy on it. Remember the caveat that you can always add more, but it’s difficult to take it out.

I opted to use heavy cream because I had some. Of course, half and half or milk can be used. Use whatever you’d like.

Do you need a thickener? Possibly. It’s personal choice. I didn’t want to use flour or cornstarch. I had other options, but when it was done, I didn’t think it needed any. If you decide to go with a starchy potato instead of or in addition to the corn, you may find you don’t need it either.

After I try each week’s soup, I often find myself saying, “I think I have a new favorite.” And that is certainly true with this one. And since I have more shrimp in the freezer, there may be more of it–or another version.

By the way, I often eat bread or crackers with soup. I don’t think they’re necessary with this soup. But if you want them, go for it!

Here’s my recipe for Shrimp and Veggie Chowder.

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  • Jim Allen

    Thanks for the soup idea. For thickener, I like to use rice flour for thickening as an alternative to regular flour.
    Nice idea to use dehydrated carrots. I always have an oversupply of produce from the summer months, and like to dry/dehydrate to preserve them.

  • Ida Walker

    You know, I’ve never thought to use rice flour for thickening. I have some that I use to dust my bannetons when I make bread. Thanks for the idea.

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