Savory Soup Sunday: Thanksgiving Soup

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And another Thanksgiving has come and gone. I hope everyone had a good one. More important, I hope everyone was able to find something–large or small–to be thankful for. I know for some of us, it may have been more difficult to find this year, but I hope you have.

One of the things I’m always thankful for are the leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner. Every year, one of the highlights for me is a soup based on the leftovers. I try to use as much of the dinner as I can. This year’s soup used the turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Ordinarily, I would have used the carcass to make a stock before making this soup.  This Thanksgiving, though, I opted for a turkey breast. On its own, I’ve found those bones don’t make a stock as rich as I’d like. So I put the carcass in my bag of chicken bones for a  poultry stock.


Thanksgiving Soup

Also in the soup are chopped celery, chopped onion, and sliced carrots. Although you can certainly use fresh–and I did use fresh onion–I decided to take advantage of my extended pantry. I used dehydrated celery and sliced carrots I canned this summer.

So what about the stuffing and cranberry sauce? I treated both as finishing touches. I used homemade stuffing bread for stuffing this year, so it had the seasonings we all associate with Thanksgiving. Just before serving, I plopped a spoonful into the bowl of soup. Now, it will likely disintegrate, but that helps thicken the soup a bit. Today’s lunch is leftover Thanksgiving Soup. I’m out of stuffing, but I do still have some of my bread cubes. They’ll be croutons on today’s soup.

As for the cranberry sauce, I make my own. It’s not as sweet as most mass-produced versions; they’re usually too sweet for me. While I’m plopping things into my soup, I plop some of mine into the bowl. The tartness helps cut the richness of the soup, especially if you’ve used a homemade stock.

This recipe works equally well with leftover chicken. You can make a tasty vegetarian version by using oil instead of butter to sweat the vegetables and a vegetable stock instead of turkey or chicken.

I hope you’ll give Thanksgiving Soup a try. You can find the recipe here.

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