Weighing Down Fermentation

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Sometimes one of the most difficult things about fermenting is finding the right way to weigh the food down during the waiting process. Oh, you can use cabbage leaves, but I don’t always have them on hand unless I’m making sauerkraut. I usually made little carrot planks to keep them down. Then I picked up a couple of e-jen Kimchi containers, which have a “press” to hold down the ingredients. They work fine, but after a while, I noticed it was hard to get rid of the smell. For the most part, that wasn’t a problem, but I do tend to use a lot–A LOT–of garlic . . .

Then came the message from Raquella Raiz of Aqqo, a company owned by her family. She asked if I’d like to try their fermentation weights! Talk about timing. I had cabbage crying out to become sauerkraut.

The glass weights are sold in a set of five, so you don’t have to wait for one jar to finish before starting another fermenting project. They fit in any wide-mouth jar. There’s nothing complicated to their use. Put the ingredients in the jar, add brine or even vinegar pickling liquid, and then add the weight. Top with an airlock or whatever you use to vent. I used Pickle Pipes I ordered last year. The top photo is sauerkraut and the bottom, dilly beans.

I am impressed with these weights. My favorite thing about them is that they’re grooved. It makes them so easy to remove from the jar. I was concerned the food would come above the weights because there is space between the weight and jar, of course, but it was unwarranted. I had no problems.

Thanks to these weights, I’ll be doing more fermentation projects. If you’re new to fermenting or a pro, these weights will make things much easier.

You can order these weights from here (this is not an affiliate link).


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