A Nut-Free Cheesy Powder

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I’ve been looking for a vegan cheese powder I can add to bread doughs, cracker doughs, and even use on top of veggies or in soups. I found a recipe for a parm-ish one, but it was lacking in the taste department. It’s a nut-seed combo. But, I may have finally found it.

There are a few YouTube channels that I watch religiously. One of them is Wilhelms Kitchen. Christina and her family live in Canada. I especially enjoy her canning posts. But a recent one had nothing to do with canning and everything to do with my search for a vegan cheese powder.

In a recent video, Christina talked about her Vegan Nacho Cheese Sauce. She made it for mac and cheese. She now dehydrated it to make cheese powder. It’s nut-free, which suited me fine since I’m out of cashews. Christina’s recipe calls for a cooked potato. Since I need to watch carbs, I don’t buy potatoes often, so I didn’t have any regular potatoes. If I’m going to use my carbs on a potato, I want the most nutrition I can get, so I do occasionally buy sweet potatoes. And since I had one on hand, I decided to swap out the regular potato for my sweet potato. The cooked carrot I could do. Plus, I saved the peelings for stock.

As for the other ingredients, I had everything except cayenne pepper, which is optional. But since I had chili pepper, I decided to add a bit of that. And, of course I added turmeric. I try to add it to everything I can. I cut down on the salt and olive oil as well. The next time I make it, I think I’ll cut back even more on the salt. Everything goes into the blender and whirred to submission. If you want to use it as sauce, add more veggie water if needed, and stop here.

But if you’re looking for the nut-free cheesy powder, it’s onto the fruit roll-up tray or silicone sheet and into the dehydrator.  Make sure to spead thinly onto the sheets. Okay, I wasn’t so good at that.

I left mine to dehydrate overnight. The next morning, I pulled it up and turned it over to dehydrate for another few hours.

When dry, send it for a trip in the spice grinder/coffee mill/food processor/blender (I used the spice grinder). Whenever I make a powder from a liquid, I put it back into the dehydrator after powdering to make sure it’s good and dry. This went back in for another hour. And the result?

Christina says it reminds her of Chees-its. Now, I confess I’ve not had them in a really long time, but it doesn’t taste like what I remember them to taste. Now that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Quite the contrary; I like the taste.

To try it out, I decided to make a small, small loaf (okay, rolls) of bread. I added 2 tablespoons of the cheesy powder.

(Bad photo. Sorry)

It wasn’t enough to change the color, but then I used a combo of rye flour and bread flour. There was a subtle cheesy flavor to the rolls. A little too subtle for me; I’ll add more the next time.

This is a huge win for me. If you want a vegan cheese but can’t do the nuts or even seeds, this is a great, healthy alternative. I think my next experiment will be making crackers with it. Hmm, wonder where I can get a fishy mold . . .

Here’s my version of Christina’s recipe.

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