Cauliflower Steaks? Who Knew!

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Have you noticed there seems to be a cauliflower version of almost everything these days? Pizza crust, rice, even a burger bun. To be honest, I’ve not given any of them much thought. To be honest, my favorite form of cauliflower is its natural state–raw. Sometimes, though, I’ll put some in a stir-fry, but that’s about it.

Then I saw it. Again and again. And again. Yes, cauliflower steaks.

I’ve been disappointed in faux steaks before. Like portobello mushroom steaks/burgers. Yes, I like the taste, and yes, they do have a more toothy texture, but they’re not steak or burgers. They may be brown like beef, but that’s it. Still, there was a cauliflower in the fridge that needed something done to it–and soon. So I decided to give the cauliflower steaks a go.

My version is different from the one posted by Bosh on Facebook. You can find it here. My original plan was to follow that recipe. But I really don’t care for sweet barbecue sauces (except for Sweet Baby James, of course). So I opted to go spicy. The recipe calls for 1 cup of ketchup. It just so happened I made smokey ketchup this week, so that was taken care of. I left out the maple syrup and cayenne (didn’t have any of the latter). I used ground cumin, ground Ancho chile powder, and red pepper flakes. Other than that, the recipe was identical.

Cauliflower Steaks with Enabling Smokey Barbecue Sauce

No, cauliflower steaks do not taste like what most people would think a steak tastes like. But that doesn’t make it bad. Quite the contrary, they’re very good.  I didn’t do a very good job cutting them into steaks, but the florets are just as good. If you’re going to skip the maple syrup, you may want to reduce the amount of water a bit.

I’ll be making them again. And, of course, the sauce can be used on a lot of things. You can use the sauce as in the original recipe, or use your favorite.




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